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At Taggles Woof Stuff, we pride ourselves on supplying the best products for you and your dog. Have a look at our products below.

Products we have available to buy are listed in our online shop. We can also make bespoke products available in any of the materials we have in stock. If you wish to order a bespoke product or have any questions please contact us.

Drying onesies

Our original drying onesie - towelling on the inside, fleece on the outside

Drying onesies are perfect for drying off wet and muddy dogs. These onesies cover all of those wet bits including the front legs, chest and back legs.

Available in regular, slim (great for boys!) and wide fit.


Pyjama onesies

Available in two layers of fleece or a mixture of sweatshirt and fleece

Pyjama onesies are great for keeping cold dogs warm especially on camping trips and for sports dogs after exercise. These onesies cover all of your dog to keep them nice and toasty. They are reversible depending on your mood!

Available in regular, slim (great for boys!) and wide fit.


Available in either towelling or fleece

Towelling blankets have one layer of towel with a backing of fleece. These are great as bed toppers to soak up any wet feet.

Fleece blankets are two layers of fleece and perfect for protecting beds, sofas and laps, as well as providing something for dogs to dig!

Available in small (approx. 50cmx35cm), medium (approx. 50cmx75cm) and large (approx. 100cmx75cm). Bespoke sizes are available on request - please contact us



Hot water bottles and drying mitts

Hot water bottles are available in three sizes small (500 mL), medium (1 L), and large (2 L). Covered in a layer of fleece these are great for camping and keeping warm.

Our drying mitts are one size and feature towelling outside and fleece inside. We use these regularly to clean off dirty paws.

Optional extras

Zips, toggles and more

We are able to add zips in the back for older dogs, stiff dogs and dogs that don't like putting coats on.

Toggles are available to hold the hood closer together which will hold it up over your dog's head more.

We are able to add poppers to the back legs for dogs that prefer their feet on the floor when getting dressed.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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